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At Self Defense America we realize adults that want to study Martial Arts do so for many different reasons. We also recognize that there are different skill and physical fitness levels. We have an approach that will help the people who haven't exercised as well as those who are very active. We know there are people that need balance, coordination and stamina as well as those who already possess these attributes. Our curriculum and approach was designed to fit all levels whether beginning or advanced.


At Self Defense America, we believe that in order to really enjoy all that life has to offer, we need to have the balance of a strong mind, and a healthy body in addition to possessing the life skills that could be necessary to defend ourselves or our family.


Our program will help you stay in shape. You will build strength and tone your body with our dynamic, isometric, and repetitive exercises. You will gain confidence and self-esteem by improving your physical fitness, body composition, skill level and self-defense skills. Most important you will decrease your stress level for a happier and healthier lifestyle.


You will enjoy the workout as well as the friendships that come along with exercising and training with people that have similar goals. People that train together and support one another end up building friendships that last a lifetime. What better way to spend your time than staying fit, developing a skill that could save you or one of your families lives and meeting people with the same interests and goals?



  • Improved Reflexes and Coordination which increase your performance in all physical activities.
  • Increased Strength and Stamina boosts energy all day.
  • Increased Flexibility & Weight Control for better overall fitness.
  • Great Cardiovascular Work Out keeps you in good shape physically.



  • Improved Concentration for better work and study habits.
  • Stress Reduction & Increased Levels of Relaxation for a longer, healthier life.
Increased Self Confidence & Self Discipline to develop a positive attitude toward life.


At Self Defense America  we teach martial arts as part of a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. The classes are disciplined, but  friendly. The programs designed to cover the required curriculum, and develop self-esteem, leadership and character at the same time.
We believe so strongly in the positive influence of martial arts that if our program is not the right one for you, we will help you find one that is.
1. Physical Fitness - Martial arts can help improve cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, strength and overall energy levels, and even if you are already a superstar, martial arts class is the perfect off-season activity for even the most active athletes.
2. Self -Defense - Self defense is the most obvious reason that should come to mind when considering enrolling in any martial arts class. Learn the skills to protect yourself and your family. Develop the skills you need to identify trouble and escape dangerous situations. Lots of karate schools claim to teach self defense, at Self Defense America - we are serious about it.
The focus of a good martial arts class, while still teaching self defense movements, should be on conflict resolution, personal responsibility and avoidance. Self Defense America’s instructors continually emphasize that the best self-defense doesn't involve fighting at all, but learning to recognize approaching or pending danger, resolve conflicts and avoid risky situations and behaviors.
3. Self Confidence - As you train in martial arts, you will notice a lot if improvements, such as your physique, balance, awareness, flexibility, and many other physical and mental characteristics. Martial arts will teach you how to combine these capabilities and use them to succeed in competitions, attaining higher belts, building friendships and protecting yourself if necessary. The more you can do, the more confident you will be.
4. Self Discipline - Got big dreams? The best way to make those dreams real is through your own efforts, and that takes self discipline. I'm not talking about your parents telling you what  to do, I'm talking about you making the right choices for yourself. Learn what it takes to be the best at whatever you do - it's your life, go for it.
5. Great Friends - Martial arts friends are for life, we stick together. Need a place where you can be yourself, get some positive support, and have a great time? Families really learn to respect and appreciate one another. Parents have a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate willingness to learn something new and spend some great quality family time together. Self Defense America Martial Arts encourages families to train together. We also treat our dojo as a family, and encourage all students to share with and support one another. 

"I would like to study Martial Arts but..."

Some of the most common reasons we hear for not starting a Martial Arts program are: 
"I'm not flexible enough", "I'm in poor shape", " I'm uncoordinated", 
"I'm not strong enough",  "I'm too clumsy", or "I'm overweight." 
The reality is that these are among the best reasons for training 
in the Martial Arts, not bypassing them.

Age should not stop you from training in the martial arts either. Television and 
advertising has led us to believe that the Martial Arts are only for children and young 
aggressive  men although, this is just simply not the case. In sports, athletes usually
 retire when they are around forty, but some of the greatest Martial Artists who ever lived 
were in their prime well into their 70's & 80's.

True Martial Arts are not sport. Persistence and attitude, not strength and ability, are the 
keys to advancement. True Martial Arts is  not a violent activity, nor is it solely a system of self-defense. 
It also does not, as many mistakenly believe, preach exotic Eastern 
religious beliefs and values. Traditional Martial Arts philosophy places great 
emphasis on respect for others, humility, confidence, responsibility,
honesty, perseverance, and honor.