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Instructor Name:Tina Roddy

Certified Instructor For Taekwondo, Hapkido, Arnis/Escrima


Other Information:

Head Instructor,            Tina Roddy

Qualifications:         Certified Instructor through Self Defense America                                

Tina studies are      

  • 1994 Taekwondo under the instructions of Sensei Al & Charlotte Richter
  • 1993 Dragon Kenpo Karate under Master Ed Hutchinson
  • 1997 Combat Hapkido under several instructors, Sensei Al & Charlotte Richter, Sensei Coy Harry, Professor (Master) Eugene Frizzell, Professor (Master) Joe Lansdale of Shen Chuan and Grandmaster Pellegrini Founder of Combat Hapkido.
  • Currently Tina trains directly under Grandmaster Pellegrini, and many others.
  • 1999, Tina joined the Independant Taekwondo Association Charter through Grandmaster Pellegrini
  • 1999, Tina also joined the International Combat Hapkido Federation through Grandmaster Pellegrini
  • 1999, April 22nd Tina earned her 1st Dan  in Taekwondo
  • 1999, April 22nd Tina received her Level 1 Instructor License
  • 2000, April 24th Tina earned her 1st Dan in Combat Hapkido
  • 2000, April 24th Tina received her Level 1 Instructor License
  • 2001, April 14th Tina earns her 2nd Dan in Taekwondo
  • 2004, March 7th Tina earns her 2nd Dan in Combat Hapkido
  • 2004, March 7th Tina earns her 3rd Dan in Taekwondo
  • 2004, March 7th, Tina receives her Level 2 Instructor License in Taekwondo
  • 2004, April 7th, Tina receives her Level 2 Instructor License in Combat Hapkido 
  • 2005 Tina started training in the Philippine  Martial Arts under Master Melegrito
  • 2006 In April Tina received Level 2 Instructorship in the Philipino Escrima
  • 2007, February 7th Tina joined the PMAA as a Charter Member under Guro J. Melegrito
  • 2008, February 8th, Tina received her Level 3 Senior Instructors License
  • 2008, September 4th Tina earned her 3rd Dan in Combat Hapkido
  • 2008, November 8th Tina tested and received her Certified Associates Level VII Instructor License in PMAA under Guro J. Melegrito
  • 2009, June 28th Tina earned her Advance Instructor License in PMAA under Guro J. Melegrito
    2010, July 13, Tina tested and earned her 1st Lakan (Black Belt) in Philippine Martial Arts Alliance. She also was awarded the "Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors for Outstanding Achievements in the Martial Arts"

    2012, March 7,  Tina Tested and earned her 5th Dan in Taekwondo.

    She attends several seminars, which she get instructions under world known Masters such as, Grandmaster Pellegrini, Sensei W. Hock Hochheim, Master Scott Sonnon of the Russian Ross System, Professor John Casarez of Mamabi Masho Juitsu, Sifu Michael Billings with Kenpo Self Defense Systems, and Carlson Gracie Jr. with Brazilian Ju Jutsu. Master Melegrito with the Philippine Stick and Knifes, and many others

    Tina holds several ranks. 

    5th Dan (Degree)        Taekwondo I.T.A. (Independent Taekwondo Assoc.) 2012
    3rd Dan (Degree)        Combat Hapkido I.C.H.F. (International Combat Hapkido Federation) 2008
    1st Lakan (Degree)   Philippine Stick combatives 2010
    3rd Dan (Degree)            Dragon Kempo Karate 1995
    Advanced Instructor     Philippine Combatives 2009