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After School Martial Arts Classes Not a day care but an Alternative to Day Care.

Your Child wants to learn Martial Arts, Your not sure you have the time to dedicate to bring your child. Then this is the alternative for you!
From 3pm to 5 pm your child is in the dojo learning to be Confident, Respectful, Considerate, Intergrity, Perseverance, Self-Controlled, Trustworthy, have Positive Attitude all through Martial Arts. Sound Good Just wait they also learn positive ways to deal with bullies, negative peer pressure, plus much much more! The great thing is you still get to go home after work!

Instructors:Richard RoddyTina Roddy

Class Hours:

3:00-5:00 PM3:00-5:00 PM3:00-5:00 PM3:00-5:00 PM3:00-5:00 PM